Here at The Bridal Team, we love all things vintage. We can help you to give off those effortlessly classic vibes with our expert hair stylists and MUAs, however, it is important for a bride to match her wedding…

1. Dress code

There’s no point in buying a beautiful vintage dress, getting your hair & makeup done and decorating your venue in a vintage fashion if your guests are going to arrive looking like they’ve just stepped out of a time machine. 

It’s a great idea to put a little note on your invites to ask them to dress for the occasion. If you’re really up for going all out, you could even create a “vintage formal wear” mood board for men, women and children to attach to the invites so your guests have an idea of what to expect.

2. Flowers

Roses and peonies are staple vintage flowers, so using these for bouquets, corsages and table decorations is a great idea. 

Top tip: add some greenery into your bouquets to get that ultimate vintage chic feel. 

3. Arrive in style

When it comes to arriving to your wedding, there are so many options for your transport. Think: a classic Mini, VW Camper Van, Daimler or Ford Zodiac!

4. Bunting

If there’s one thing that will your wedding an instant vintage vibe, it’s bunting. To avoid it looking “tacky” or out of place in your reception room, hang it in the trees outside of the venue.

5. Garden DIY

The amazing thing about having a vintage wedding is the cost-effective DIY projects that fit right in with your theme. Shabby chic is so in!

Instead of investing in a huge, fancy bottle cooler, why not fill a vintage wheelbarrow with ice and stocking it with champagne and beers?

Or, fill old watering cans with beautiful flower arrangements and place outside your venue – the possibilities are endless!

If you are still hungry for vintage inspo, check out this Pinterest board featured on the Essex Wedding Hub for more tips & tricks.