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We want to take a look at all the different things that go into a wedding and see if you agree with us about what has most impact on the big day. Like us, I think you will find that so many things are so important and its hard to point to individual ones but he goes with some explanations as to the effect the item can have on the outcome of the big day.

ElementPositive ImpactPosition
Bridal HairPossibly this could be the most important factor for the bride on the day. The bride will want to feel her hair is the best its ever looked and will feel so elegant with the right look.1
Bridal Make UpThis is closely related to the bridal hair and they work in tandem. The bride will choose a make up style that works with the hair and both those will be so important to the bride for the big day.2
Wedding Dress/Grooms Wedding SuitWould any bride enjoy the day fully if she felt her wedding dress was not right - we don't think so. The Grooms Wedding Suit is also important complimenting the bridal dresses. Together they combine to provide a centre showcase.3
Venue for WeddingProvides a fabulous setting and atmosphere. A great venue adds so much to a wedding 4
FlowersFlowers add so much to the occasion and blend in beautifully with the chosen bridal colours. They enhance photographs so much and great flowers are a must.5
DJ/Band/EntertainmentWe all know the importance of the entertainment and how a good DJ/Band can get everyone up and dancing and make it an even more memorable event6
Venue for ReceptionSome weddings have a separate venue for the wedding ceremony and then a different one for the reception/party. A good venue for the reception is undoubtedly a big plus on the day.7
Sit Down Meal/Buffet/FoodThis part of the wedding is geared more towards the guests and enhances the wedding day considerably. The guests will have enjoyed the ceremony and occassion and now it is time for them to sit down and have something nice to eat and a few drinks as well. The food is more complimentary to the day rather than making the day but still an important factor.8
Photographer/VideoA good wedding photographer will blend in with the day and not make too much difference on the actual wedding day itself. The photographer will gather everyone for a selection of family and friends photo sets and again he does this in a way that does not impact the day too much. The photographer's main delivery is after the day.9
Wedding CarThe car is probably not as significant as some other elements and whist it adds style and a feel-good factor to the wedding it is only used for a short while and therefore does not have the long lasting impact of some of the other elements10