Own Your Look – Four Glam Hairstyles Perfect for the Big Day

Saying yes to the dress is only the half of it—all fashion-conscious brides will be on the look for a fresh and modern do to sport on her wedding day. That’s why here at The Hair Lounge we’ve put together an inspirational collage featuring five desirable styles to be considered as for your bridal debut.
The Only Way Is Up!
Go for that modern, sophisticated glamour with a flawlessly stylish up-do.
Some brides will like the freedom of having their locks brushed away from their face—not only does this allow for full make-up portrayal but a hassle-free day of not having to continuously brush the hair from your face.
Up-dos, as shown in the image to the right, can fashion accessories, braids, waves or intricate yet messy knots.
Ideal for taming those wild flyaways, these ideas are statement and need little to no added embellishments.  
Gild Your Locks!
Growing up, many of us girls would drape our heads with exotic necklaces, make daisy chain crowns and adorn our locks with a plethora of accessories.
For a wedding, the list is endless. Consider using metallic laced twine; vintage hair clips; a garland of blossoming flowers or a string of beads. Of course, veils are also a divine way to style, but in the case of focusing on hair, we’ll keep veils out for now and look into these in a future post.
Queen of Braids
Braids are a trend that can be woven in a myriad of ways: try a fishtail or a horizontal weave across the back of your head. A double knit or simple plait. There are countless styles that interpret and use braids to create a look of finesse.

This tousled, sexy look is ideal for wedding attendees alike, and a chilled relaxed style with little hassle.

Chic and Sophisticated
There’s no rule book when it comes to styling your hair on your wedding day. Some of us will like to keep it simple and avoid the lustrous styling. Keeping it clean, fresh and modern is key.
There’s an underrated simplicity that comes with natural hair—a little extra body added with some product can create just as gorgeous a look as another.
To your left you’ll see a collage of photos that present short hair, long hair, a natural wave and a gel/spray designed upper lift.
All of these looks are great but you must remember to work with the shape of your face. Don’t force something that doesn’t suit just because that’s what you have your heart set on. There may be ways to interpret.

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